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Viral Videos of the Week: August 21 – August 26

Written on August 28, 2011 by Lulu

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Be entertain with the newest list of cool videos that goes viral on the Internet last week.

All We Like’s tradition continuous as another week ends. This site gathered cool, entertaining and funny videos to add on your list of  once again.

This week’s list of is consist of a music video from , a very lazy cat and a seagull, a politically charged video that gives us a look in the future of US, two cat fighting with light sabers, a girl who narrates the even though she has never seen it, and a video of a dog with a hedgehog.

A music video of the newest song of NinjaSexParty entitled .

A video of a lazy cat that watches a seagull walks into their house and steal his food.

A politically charged video that gives us a view of future America if things don’t turn around soon. In this video, America never recovers from the 2008 financial crisis and declares bankruptcy in 2016. By 2040, the entire nation will turn into slums and China has all the jobs.

A video of two with light sabers fighting each other until their owner came downstairs asking them to be quiet and quit playing because he’s on phone.

A video featuring a girl named Amanda who narrates the whole Star Wars series. But here is the catch, she haven’t seen the said series herself.

A video of a dog that wants to play with a hedgehog. However, the hedgehog curls up and stick out his needles, making the dog more excited and pricked.


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