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Viral Videos of the Week: August 7- August 12

Written on August 14, 2011 by Lulu

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All We Like had once again gathered and listed several cool videos that went viral last week. So check it out, have fun, and share it to your friends.

Another week has passed and, just like the tradition, All We Like listed again some cool videos to be added on its weekly list of . This week, the list will have a video of crazy people using a backhoe to have fun in their private pool, a man playing the using an electric guitar with super fast fingers, teaming up with Give-a-sh* to promote their new campaign, a tattoo freakout and an animated video that explains the .

A group of crazy guys in Eastern Europe used a huge construction backhoe to have fun in a swimming pool. The swimmers grab and hold to the backhoe until it lifts them to the air, then they are dropped directly to the water.

A video that features playing the famous fast song, Flight of the Bumblebee, on guitar at a stunning speed of 600 beats per minute. The said song is usually played at 170 BPM.

A commercial that promotes the new campaign of Give-a-sh* starring Twilight star, Nikki Reed. The actress/activist is asking people to give a sh*t about any problem that can be seen in any part of the world. Tweet, post and share that you give a sh*t. Reed tells the people about the campaign while she is sitting on a toilet. Looks humorous right?

Another video from the famous freak out kids of wafflepwn. As usual, one of the brothers introduces the situation that they’re going to show and then he turns the camera to his brother Stephen which is currently having his first tattoo. Stephen then freaks out because of the pain he feels during the tattoo session. So everytime the tattoo artist tries to draw, he freaks out and screams until he walks out of the building.

This animated video explains one of the most popular topics in news and conversation — the US debt and . The said video explained the whole situation that surrounds the issue, and it appears to be not a good one.


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