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Virgin America, to Hold a Special Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Written on August 06, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Virgin America will mark its fourth-year anniversary through running a Twitter scavenger hunt in San Francisco Giants Game.

will be celebrating its fourth anniversary soon. And to make their event more exciting, the new airline will host a special contest wherein participants could grab the chance to win a free flight.

The event, also known as “” which will be held on August 8 in San Fancisco, is said to be a . All attendees of the are asked to find the flight attendants that are hiding inside the ballpark. Fortunately, they can get photo clues just by following the Virgin America on Twitter and tracking the #FlyTheBeard hashtag through their mobile phones. The first participant to find the missing flight attendants will be entitled as the winner, and would likely to receive a Giants/Virgin swag and the promised free flight.

This Twitter promotion is only one of the functions that will take place on that day. Another event in the celebration is the hometown fare sale, wherein people could receive San Francisco fares starting at $49. The game’s lucky participant will also win the promotion, which the Virgin America held last July.

Virgin America, for your information, is considered to be one of the supporters of social media in the industry. In fact, they had already hosted numerous promotions through the use of Facebook and Twitter — one of which was just held last April, when they offered points and redeemable for prizes for customers who utilize Facebook Places to check in at Terminal 2 in the San Francisco Airport. Moreover, last year, the airline partnered with Klout in order to give free flights and free wi-fi to Twitter users.

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