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Amazon Begins Redesign Testing for Retail Site

Written on September 05, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

Comments Off is in the process of testing out a redesign for its retail site.

Recent reports revealed that just started a testing for its retail website — a possible signal for its new ’s arrival.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the tests began last week and will continue to be kicked off to more customers, though the date of its full launching remained undisclosed. The revamped design now gets a cleaner interface with more lighter space and larger search box. The manufacturer also announced that the redesigned site will be featuring new applications, digital games, ebooks, and MP3 songs.

Rumors have claimed that this redesigning issue might mark the launching of a tablet-optimized site. Last July, several reports were disclosed, stating that Amazon’s rumored -powered tablet might be released by October with a price of $250.¬†Perhaps the company is aiming to offer the tablet in a much affordable price, so they could be one of ’s top competitor.

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