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Andy Samberg Impersonates Zuckerberg at F8 2011

Written on September 24, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Andy Samberg performed a comedic skit before CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, delivered his keynote speech at this year's F8.

founder and CEO, , revealed most of the social site’s newest during the Developer Conference 2011. The said event, which has the tagline: “Read. Watch. Listen”, was kicked off by Saturday Night Live’s comedian – – as he impersonates the young CEO.

Andy Samberg even cracked a joke about Facebook’s increasing number of registered users and the newly added section, “I’m not really friends with these people.” Eventually, after series of humorous talks, the real CEO appeared on the stage and started discussing the site’s major updates.

The first update is the “Timeline” — Facebook’s newest profile UI, which is expected to feature a roundup of stories, apps and new ways to self-express in visual ways. “The next year is going to be defined by the apps and the depth of engagement that is possible now that everyone has their networks in place and connections established,” Mark Zuckerberg stated. And alongside with the famous “Like” button, the social network has now added the verbs: “reviewed” and “watched.”

Watch the opening of Facebook’s f8 2011, featuring Andy Samberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, below:

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