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Biggest Announcements on F8 Developer Conference 2011

Written on September 25, 2011 by Lulu

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A recap of the highlights, big moments and announcements of the F8 Developer Conference 2011.

During the Developer Conference 2011, CEO – – announced a busy week full of changes for its biggest social networking site. He unveiled a new profile design for their social network, which is called Timeline, as well as some of other new features. These includes a new version of its Open Graph and media sharing, that are all scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.

Mark Zuckerberg set the stage for the keynote address by recounting how the previous years at Facebook were. He also said that the next era will be defined by the apps and the depths of engagement that are possible. Here are the recap of the big moments and announcements done during the F8 conference:

– One of the biggest announcement done in the F8 was the newest Facebook profile design. They refer to it as the “Timeline.” Mark Zuckerberg said that the old profile design dropped off the user’s most recent activity after a few days and there’s no quick way to show it again. However, with the used of “Timeline”, users can now search the past story they shared. Timeline is clean, modern, customizable and different from other applications that users could see before on Facebook. One of its features enables users to search as far back as they remember, and fill their Timeline in with images and important events to create a digital autobiography.

– F8 is also filled with new kind of social apps that allow users to express who they are through all the things they do. One example is instead of “liking” something on Facebook, users could now show the things they like to do through their Timeline. Some of these lifestyle apps was shown by Mark Zuckerberg. These are the Nike+ GPS app, which enables users to share how far they have run and where; and the Foodspotting app that shares what the users are cooking or eating.

– Some big names also took the stage of F8: , CEO of , and ’s CEO. They’ve discussed the work they’ve done with Facebook as their partner in launching the new Open Graph, and the integration of their apps.

Danile Ek said that their apps, Spotify app, will enable users to see what songs and albums their friends are listening to in real time. This activity will be seen in Facebook’s News Ticker that was announced on September 21. Users can also choose to listen on the same song — all from within the Facebook.

Reed Hasting – the same with Danile Ek – announced Netflix’s integration, in which every movie the user watched will appear in his News Ticker. This app will allow the user to follow what movies his friends are watching in real time. Then the user could click it to view it simultaneously within Facebook. He also added that this feature is already integrated in 44 of 45 countries. However, users from US will not be able to use the said app because an old bill had forbidden the disclosure of one’s video rental information.

The two media companies are not the only media companies that will have a partnership with Facebook. Also on the list are Rhapsody, iHeartRadio and Hulu.


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