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Droid Bionic’s Video Ad Features its Sci-Fi Origin

Written on September 11, 2011 by Lulu

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Verizon tells you how Motorola came up with Droid Bionic in a sci-fi video ad.

released a video advertisement which showcases a Matrix-style myth on how came up with their .

In the said 60-second , a leather-clad woman fights four giant droids – each bigger than the previous one – and picks off parts from each. These parts include a camera, a processor and a tube reading “4G LTE,” which she then implants into a table where Droid Bionic came up.

Droid Bionic became available in Verizon stores Thursday, later than its original release date.┬áVerizon’s futuristic approach is in keeping with another ad it released for Motorola’s Xoom tablet.

Check out the video ad below.

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