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Google+ Against Facebook, a Battle for Social Media Supremacy

Written on September 21, 2011 by Lulu

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Google+ managed to become the current, biggest competitor of Facebook, as they started to allow everyone to sign-up to the fledgling social network.

As + – a social networking site operated by Inc. – goes open for the public, it managed to out-announce by a wide margin.

Google+ currently have almost 20 million users, which is a great result of their numerous announcements of or services they offer like , and . Google also added a search service on the said site, making them an instant competitor of Facebook. Google+ is said to be so rich that it could overwhelm a common Facebook user who wants to confine their usage patterns to the Facebook tools they know.

For instance, Google’s Hangouts is a good stand-alone , and there’s a lot of things you can do with it just like holding a live broadcast through Android-based smartphones, share your screen, start and edit documents together, and hold topic-based discussion.

Facebook took a glimpse of what Google+ can offer. This proves that they consider Google+ as the only social network site that can really put a challenge on them on the current time. However, the newest social media in the Internet is still trying to grab some market share from Facebook. Facebook, on the other hand, has a roadmap to do more than just a simple reaction — though there must be some tension in their office right now.

The next several weeks and months will be a great battle between the two social networking site. Could Google+ grab tons of adopters? Or Facebook remains supreme, as they have taken several years to build up the level of interaction they currently have? Share your insights at comments below.


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