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Google+ Social Network, Now Open to Everyone

Written on September 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Google opened the doors of its new social network, Google+, to the public.

+, the new social-networking site from , is now open for everyone! “ Inc. on Tuesday broadened its assault on rival Inc. by opening its Google+ online social network to the public,” of wrote in a blog. The social site has been in a trial for the past several months, offering limited invitations to users as it improves its service.

“Google+, which launched in late June and which up till now had only been open by invitation to users, is also putting a heavier emphasis on video, one of its main technology advantages over Facebook. Facebook, which has more than 750 million active monthly users, recently inked a deal with Skype SA t= allow its users to communicate with each other through their computer’s built-in video cameras,” Efrati reported.

Meanwhile, the search engine has pointed out that the new social network is “nowhere near done”, and they are still planning to add more improvements. Google had recently introduced the “Open Signups” — its official 100th feature, and the video “hangout.”

The company also added a new key feature to Google+, which is expected to be available on certain mobile devices that are powered by Google’s Android software. Google+ users can now take part in a multi-person “hangout” through using those handsets — an advantage over ’s “face time.”

Google’s brand new social-networking site lets you share articles, comments, photos, and even videos to your “circles” of friends and family members. You could also post contents to the public if you want. Currently, Google is planning to bring the features of Google+ to its other partner sites, like YouTube.

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