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Government Funding Bill Deems Dead on Arrival in Senate

Written on September 23, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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The House of Representative now only have just a week to pass a bill with regards to government funding.

Last Thursday, a contentious debate over government funding beyond September 30 intensified, as Republicans amended their bill to the lawmakers. However, the Democrats opposed to it. Thus, the government will shut down by October 1 if there will be no action by the start of the new fiscal year.

Earlier today, the House Republicans passed a continuing resolution on partly line vote. However, the bill drew immediate criticism from Senate Democrats over its spending cut offsets for new federal disaster aid. The House added $100 million in cuts to the federal program, making a loan to Solyndra – a currently bankrupt solar company – in order to win GOP votes.

The move includes $3.65 billion for the (). That is less than the $6.9 requested by President Obama and demanded by the Democrats.

Michael Steel, a representative of Speaker of the House — John Boehner, called on the Senate to pass the bill on its present form. He also noted that FEMA could run out of disaster relief money as soon as Monday. In relation to this, Senator said that the Senate is willing to postpone its vacation to reach a compromise. However, this statement was ruled out by House Majority Leader prospect – Eric Cantor – this morning.

This sets the stage for a high-stakes game of political chicken, with only a week before the deadline.

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