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Hackers Attacks Dutch Web Security Firm

Written on September 06, 2011 by Lulu

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Hackers attacked DigiNotar, a Dutch web security firm that sells security certificates to several websites.

, a Dutch web security firm which sells security certificates, was hacked last July. That said fake certificates were issued to several websites like the CIA, , and Twitter. The firm just acknowledged the said attack last week. Now, the Dutch government overtook the company.

Its also believed that the hacker/s operated with the cooperation of the Iranian government. The proceeded to issue hundreds of fake security certificates to large organizations. However, the latest browsers from Microsoft, Google and rejected the certificates coming from DigiNotar. Other sites also did the same such as Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Skype, AOL, , TorProject, and WordPress, and spy agencies like Israel’s Mossad and Britain’s MI6.

The security certificates are used to authenticate websites and guarantee that communications between a browser and a are secure. Fake certificates can be used for phishing attacks or to monitor communications that users can’t notice. A hacker needs to guide the target through a server under his control so only ISPs or governments that control them can easily do so. Experts made the Iranian government tie-up, because some of the certificates have embedded nationalist slogans in the Farsi language. Also, messages left on DigiNotar’s site suggest the same.

A Mozilla developer warns Iranian Internet users to update their browsers, log out and change the passwords of their e-mail and social services and accounts. Meanwhile, the Dutch government is now looking for a replacement firm.

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