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How to Start a Viral Video

Written on September 07, 2011 by Lulu

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Start spreading the happy virus by making your own viral video!

Want to attract more viewers on your uploaded video and let it become viral? Then you should better check out the following to have more views on your video.

1. Link it in a network. Use annotations and links in the description of the video to lead viewers to other related clips on your channel.

2. Use the power and advantages social networks can offer to you. Utilize some content sharing websites that could bring a bunch of viewers to your videos in a short period of time. Make sure that you submit your video on a big social networking sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Slashdot and Facebook.

3. Thumbnail Optimization. A compelling video thumbnail could be a great help to attract more visitors to your video once its sitting on the Most Viewed page with several others. So you better customize your video thumbnail, be sure that its clear and ideally it should also have a face or at least a person in it.

4. Have a conversation with yourself. Its a great way to increase the number of people who view your videos. Start some sort of controversy in your video’s comment section to attract more viewers.

5. Tags Optimization. It is also important to use tags that are not too competitive in order to have the initial momentum for your videos, because there are several others which rank better than yours. So it is recommendable to use a lot of tags. Try to use singular, plural and synonyms of a specific word, or use phrases like “ x”, “learn to x”. It is also a great idea to browse for similar videos, see their tags then copy it and include it to your unique tag ideas.

6. Optimize your personal information. Its important to put something about you in your channel. Because there are times when people who like your videos would want to know something about you.

7. Include your video as a video response to a more popular one. Another great way to get traffic, imagine getting some 10% of the views from a popular video that gets 10,000 views a day.

8. Post Your video on related forums and blogs. It is best to do when you just finished uploading your video to obtain your starting momentum.

9. Optimize your video’s title. Just like the video thumbnail, it is also an easy way for you to attract someone or a group of people to click and watch your video. You can change the title of your video several times, so try to create a catchy title for the first few days then change it to something more relevant to your video.

10. Make friends with other users. Browse other people’s videos that is related to your content, and post text or video comments on their channel. Be a part of a conversation about other videos, and build relationships with people who are interesting to you. They might watch all your videos, rank them and give a good comment. But be sure that you do the same for their videos too.


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