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List of Indie Games to Check-out this Holiday

Written on September 19, 2011 by Lulu

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While waiting for the big game titles to hit the shelves, check out these indie games that are coming this holiday.

As the beginning of the holiday season gets closer, a lot of companies will many attractive big-name game titles. But while you’re still deciding what games to purchase, why not consider the independent game companies that sometimes give the biggest surprise?

Check-out the list of games made by independent developers below.

This game, which is developed by Feel Every Yummy, features famous literary names in a single combat armed with power of prose. To command your character to attack, you must have to create words in the grid below to shoot at your opponent. This game will be available for iOS and Android.

This game looks like you took the best stuff from Grand Theft Auto, transformed it into eight-bit world, and sprinkled in plenty of hilarious ’80s reference. The graphics of the game are bright, beautiful and nostalgia-inducing. The soundtrack previews sound amazing, and the game just begs for you to go on a rampage. This game is created by Vblank Entertainment Inc., and it’s set to be released for WiiWare and Xbox.

The game’s plot apparently takes place right after the 1993 original movie. This said game is created by Telltale Games, which is starting to become an institution. The Jurassic Park game will be available for Xbox, PC, Mac and PlayStation.

This video game feels like a game equivalent to tending your bonsai tree. The game is set in a beautiful 3D world of floating islands in space, with the player controlling a cute, blob headed sprite named Gomez. However, the game’s developer, Polytron, still hasn’t set a specific release date for Fez.

Carbon Games’ newest title at PAX this year, which is a real-time strategy game — Air Mech, will give the players a chance to command a part mech, part plane, and ground vehicles to command to take over other bases.

A game created by The Behemoth, Battleblock Theater is a cooperative platform, wherein players create their character which is trapped in an island and forced to battle.

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