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NBC’s Twiiter Account, Hacked by Script Kiddies

Written on September 12, 2011 by Lulu

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NBC's Twitter account was hacked by Script Kiddies, falsely reporting that a plain crashed on ground zero in New York.

Hacker group – – attacked the account of the News, falsely reporting that an airliner crashed down into the in New York. The said group nfiltrated NBC’s Twitter account on Friday evening with the first message showing up on Twitter at 5:48pm.

After NBC requested Twitter to temporarily shut down its account, chief digital officer РРreleased a statement regarding the said incident on her Twitter account. She tweeted on Sunday morning that the NBC News Twitter account is back in their control.

Script Kiddies is the same group who hacked ’ account early on the morning of July 4, and released a false report that President Obama was assassinated. The group is currently under investigation by the , as NBC News reported on its Today news website on Saturday morning.

Talking on how the hackers gained access to NBC Twitter account, the network admitted that one of their employee clicked a malicious email attachment that might have allowed the Script Kiddies to get their password — which is only in the hands of the company’s three executives.

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