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One Young World Uses Social Media to Start a Change

Written on September 20, 2011 by Lulu

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One Young World is hoping to start a global movement to advocate young people to crate a positive change to the world.

, a non-profit organization that provides an open platform for young people to create a positive change, is hoping to start a movement — uniting young people around the globe to advocate on behalf of the world’s youth. This movement is called “”.

, the co-founder and Global CEO of One Young World, took the stage on Monday at the Social Good Summit along with three of the organization’s global ambassadors – , and – to talk about how social media and new technologies are being used to drive these youth movements.

Erin Schrode, the ambassador of New York, started the Teens Turning Green campaign and founded The Schoolbag — an eco-educational movement based in Haiti. Michael Teoh of Malaysia is a youth advocate for-profit companies and non-profits on youth engagement. Kwadwo Ofori Owusu of South Africa teaches debate to high schoolers in Cape Town’s underdeveloped townships.

Erin Schrode said that the youth have the tools at their fingertips, talking about the power of social media to reach the masses. He also added that the youth can shake things just by connecting with one another. While Michael Teoh said that the youth should use technology responsibly and socially to start a change in this world.

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