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Quick Recap: Tokyo Game Show 2011

Written on September 19, 2011 by Lulu

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Not able to be at TGS 2011? Don't worry! All We Like has a quick recap for you.

was not filled with -like announcements, unveiling and others. However, as expected, the said event was flooded with Japanese developers and hosted many Japanese developers’ game revelations, announcements and more.

The Tokyo Game Show has increasingly become the home to fewer announcements and several great items. So check out the a brief of the Tokyo Game Show 2011 below.

  • Square-Enix announced that there would be a remake of Final Fantasy X for both PS3 and the PlayStation Vita. They also announced the arrival of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in America on January 31, 2012, while Japan will receive it first on December 15, 2011.
  • Square-Enix also reveals that the protagonist from The World Ends With You, Neku, will make a cameo of his own in Kingdom Hearts 3D.
  • Codename D was officially given a title. The newest Kinect game from Grasshopper Manufacture will be called Diabolical Pitch. Its gameplay appears to involve baseballs in battling with demons.
  • The joint venture from Studio Ghibli and Level-5, Ni no Kuni, is set to be released on early 2012.
  • Persona: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena was playable during the TGS.
  • According to Garnett Lee, Project Draco for Kinect appears to be plugging along. Lee also noted some things about the Kinect version of Stell Battlion.
  • Several big news regarding the PlayStation Suite made an appearance on tablets.
  • announced the release date of PlayStation Vita. They also disclosed that will be offering an external battery pack.
  • Newest installment of the Devil May Cry franchise was revealed
  • Street Fighter X Tekken remains mysterious and exciting with their new Pandora mode set of desperation strikes.
  • Nintendo gave several clips and videos of their previously announced products.
  • The most anticipated 3DS Slidepad was seen at TGS.
  • The various extra cast members of Sonic franchise will be seen in Sonic Generation, but it will not be featured as characters.


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