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Samsung Galaxy S II Performs Great in its First Five Months

Written on September 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Samsung Galaxy S II had surpassed the record of the original Galaxy S as it obtained over 10 million on sales in just five months.

cracked another milestone on Sunday, and said that the passed 10 million on its first five months on market. This surpasses the original that took seven months to hit the same amount. The largest piece of sales 3.6 million, was in Samsung’s native South Korea.

Europe is almost as equal in importance and has seen 3.4 million S II units trade hands to date. Southeast Asia outside of Korea was considerably less of a factor at 2.3 million. The goals include very few of North America, as the Galaxy S II only went on sale in Canada through Bell in July and was otherwise limited to unlock full price versions until this month.

The sales rate pales in comparison to that for the , which hit 1.7 million in three days and would have passed Samsung’s Galaxy S II record. As the S II is just one model in a considerably larger line up; however, it could put Samsung closer to in overall smartphone sales than on the previous year. is currently just keeping ahead and might keep its lead, but its ranking may depend on the iPhone 5’s performance.

Samsung may see an upswing in its current rate with the arrival of US Galaxy S II variants and the Galaxy S II LTE, even though its now facing legal pressure. Apple has successfully negotiated a preliminary ban in the Netherlands and may get more if an October hearing in the US will be successful.

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