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Ten Strange Jobs You Never Know

Written on September 06, 2011 by Lulu

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What's your job? Is there such kind of thing?

In times of recession, some job hunters end up taking the strangest occupations that could help them earn money really well. What are some of those “strangest” jobs? Check out below.

1. . Hackers who use their hacking skills in helping companies find security holes in their computer systems.

2. . The one who extracts some venom from the mouth of snakes.

3. . A person who catches worms that will be used by other people as fishing baits.

4. . It’s job is to find out whether the new hatchling is male or female. This kind of job requires a special training to accurately identify the right gender of a chick since their reproductive organs are inside of their body.

5. . They’re the one who study about UFO’s and other related things about it such as government conspiracies, history, etc.

6. . Individual who removes gum stuck on sidewalks and other unwanted areas using a steaming process to de-stick the gum.

7. . The one who thinks and creates new ways to gross out contestants on some television shows using several factors like insects and other things that are considered as gross.

8. . People that creates the everyday environmental sounds in different movies and shows.

9. . A group of people who examines and studies human feces who lived a thousand years ago in order to learn about their diets.

10. . People that were hired by several deodorant manufacturers to test their products by sniffing the armpit of people who use it.

Do you know other that were not included in the list? Share it by leaving a comment.


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