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TGS Unveils Gameplay Footage for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Written on September 19, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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A four-minute gameplay video clip for the upcoming 3DS title, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, has been unleashed during the TGS 2011 event.

Famitsu just revealed a four-minute video clip from this year’s event, showing off the upcoming game developed and published by — the : . The said footage heavily focused on highlighting the title’s gameplay.

The video, which can be viewed after the break, shows while he awakes in Traverse Town in some new clothing. As he was wondering how he got from the famous city and was shouting for his missing friend, Riku, was caught into a battle or two against the Darkness. The combat used the A button to attack, B to jump, X for magic, and Y to unleash special attacks — such as doing a mid-air combo, bouncing of walls to hit enemies, and even swinging around a light post.

The Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is scheduled for a release in Japan next spring. Square Enix, meanwhile, hasn’t announced any western release date for the title.

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