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Twitter Gets 100 Million Active Users Monthly

Written on September 10, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Twitter's CEO unveiled that the social site gets 100 million active users, along with 55 million monthly visitors on mobile platforms.

just marked another , as CEO – – revealed that the micro-blogging service has now attained over 100 million active logging in once a month and more than 50 million active members per day. According to Costolo, Twitter currently holds a record of 200 million registered , wherein half of them logs in every month — a number that is up to 82% since the first half of 2011.

The CEO also pointed out Twitter’s growing performance on mobile platforms. Based from his breakdown, there are exactly 55 million users logging into the site from their handsets or tablets every month. Web-based members were also on the rise, as Twitter now has 400 million visitors a month — up from only 250 million at the Q1 of the year. Aside from that, Dick Costolo noted that there are 40% of users who have not tweeted over the last month. “We’re excited about that number,” he says. “That’s super healthy.”

The micro-blogging service announced that it is looking forward to adding over 26 million active users before the year ends.

Twitter now gets a billion every five days, and 230 million every day. The site also marked a new record for /second — 8,900. The said record was set when Hurricane Irene hits New York and announced her pregnancy.

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