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Viral Videos of the Week: August 29 – September 2

Written on September 04, 2011 by Lulu

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It's time to spread the happy virus once again, as All We Like brings you the viral videos last week.

Another week has passed and All We Like, once again, gathered several cool clips to include to our list of .

This week, the list will feature a video of the CEO, a true , a baby girl trying to differentiate private body parts, a woman drinking water in the outer space, and a Commercial.

An advertisement video of Texas Armoring Corp. where its CEO, , lets his employee shoot him in close range with an AK-47 while he hides just behind his company’s bullet proof glass.

A video that features a man who loves animal — literally. A comedy video for animal lovers.

A baby girl who tries to figure out the different private part between a male to a female.

A video that features a woman shooting water into her mouth to drink it while she’s on the outer space.

A commercial video for Kia Soul where it features their mascots, which are the dancing , as they enter a violent video game where robots fight each other. They roll up in their Kia Soul, crank up the LMFAO and dance until those robots follow.


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