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Viral Videos of the Week: September 11 – September 16

Written on September 18, 2011 by Lulu

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It's time to spread the happy virus once again, as All We Like brings you the viral videos last week.

Another week has passed and All We Like, once again, gathered several cool clips to include to our list of .

This week’s list is consist of an epic rap battle between and , a made out of Legos, world’s largest natural afro, an experimental video which is set to know where the girls look at when they’re talking to a guy, and a loyal boyfriend dealing with his girlfriend’s hot cousin.

The video of an epic rap battle of history which features Mr. T against Mr. Rogers. The two celebrities are said to be the most polar opposite of each other, and a battle was held to know who is the better rapper.

A video of an 8-feet long replica of a Venator Class Star Destroyer that was built entirely from .

The video of 36-year-old after she was awarded as the woman who have the world’s largest afro by the . Her afro has an outrageous measured circumference of 4 feet and 4 inches.

A video that features a man who wears hidden cameras around his body to know where girls look at while he talks to them.

A video of a young girl who makes a video tutorial on how to look like a sunflower by the use of a make-up for the upcoming Halloween.


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