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Windows 8: An Integral Part to Intel’s Strategy

Written on September 13, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Intel is counting on Microsoft's Windows 8 to bring them to a new ground in the PC market.

As reported by PC World, will be showcasing how well will runs on its new Atom processors at the Intel Developer Forum and ’s conference. As the champion of Ultabooks, Intel relies heavily on and how well-received it will be on tablets. That said, it will mean a good thing for the chip manufacturer giant if the new OS can grab significant market share.

However, – who already have a major presence in the tablet market – is also counting on Microsoft’s Windows 8 to lead them to the PC market. In fact, the Big Red already announced that their platform will be able to run off chips. Hence, both Intel and have to concede some share in their original strongholds while gaining new ground in the market.

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