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Black Friday Customer in Target, Collapsed and Ignored by Fellow Shoppers

Written on November 29, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Senior Citizen shopper, collapsed and "left ignored" by fellow bargain hunters during the Black Friday Sale in Target

Mr. , a 61 year old pharmacist, collapsed while shopping during the sale in the popular retail chain, . He was allegedly ignored by fellow shoppers, who were busy hunting for their own bargain deals, while he lay helpless on the floor.

While some witnesses and news organizations say that Walter was left unattended, his wife Lynne Vance, refutes those claims and said six nurses, who were coincidentally shopping in the same store, rushed to his help and performed CPR on her husband.

Mr. Vance already suffered from a previous heart condition and was later reported to have died in the hospital where he was rushed.

This is not the first incident that has marred America’s biggest shopping sale. Last weekend, a woman was reported to have fired a pepper spray to fellow shoppers to clear the path to a crate of on sale Xbox Game Players and another police report of a Target employee, who after her tiring shift, lost control of her car and drove it into a 20 foot deep canal, due to exhaustion.


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