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Miley Cyrus, mentions being a weed smoker during her birthday bash (Video)

Written on November 28, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Caught in Camera: Miley Cyrus, Mentions Smoking Weed, Being a Stoner in her Birthday Bash

The former Disney Princess, , is once more caught in a drug related controversy. The former tween queen was seen in a clip during her last week’s 19th birthday bash in Beacher’s Madhouse Club in Los Angeles, pertaining to smoking weed and being a stoner, after her friend Kelly Osbourne gave her a Bob Marley cake.

“You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake — you know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed,” says Cyrus.

Osbourne then jumps in and jokes: “I thought salvia was your problem.”

Ms. Cyrus, as we all know, is not a stranger to drug related issues, after last year’s scandal, where she was also caught in camera, smoking the psychedelic herb salvia, which is legal in California.

Her friend, Kelly Osbourne, comes to her defense in her twitter account @MissKellyO and says:

“Let me make something very clear after @MileyCyrus salvia incident we started calling her bob miley as a JOKE! the cake was also…A JOKE! it makes me sick that @MileyCyrus so called ‘friends’ would sell her out and lead people 2 believe she is someone that she is not! … u guys if @MileyCyrus is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner! #think””

Well, let’s just see how the former Disney star and her publicity team handles this new issue. Goodluck Miley!

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