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Bridgestone Develops Air-Free Tire Concept

Written on December 08, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire Technology

has come up with an innovative technology that eliminates the use of air. These air free will be made of .

“Because there’s no air in these tires, there’s no worry about punctures. Also, there’s no need to check the pressure in them, so they’re easy to maintain, too.”

“A feature of these tires is, they have spokes with a special curve, arranged in an interlacing fashion. This enables them to flex effectively without twisting, and behave just like ordinary tires, without producing a horizontal force.”

“In an electric cart, the load on each wheel is about 50 kg. We’ve checked that these tires can amply support three times that load.”

“Regarding specific applications, we’d like to start with small-scale uses, such as personal mobility, and gradually move up to standard vehicles.”

Bridgestone will soon showcase their curved spokes in their upcoming retail model. The spoke is made of a resin material that can be recycled, so it’s environmental friendly and durable. They are still doing a research on how to protect them from objects that may get stuck inside.

“If something becomes caught in the spokes, it’ll make them get stuck, and unable to change their shape. So we need to check how to avoid that, but we hope we can find a good way.”

The days of punctured air filled tires are now numbered. Let’s hope to see this innovation in conventional cars real soon.

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