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Brittany Murphy Killed by Toxic Mold, According to Mother

Written on December 21, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Sharon Murphy Believes Toxic Mold Caused Her Daughter and Husband's Illness

According to a report by, Sharon Murphy claims that toxic mold from her daughter and her husband ’s Hollywood home is to be blamed for their deaths.

Brittany at the age of 32, has been ruled out to have died of Pneumonia in 2009. Her husband followed the same fate just six months after her death.

Sharon also said that the people who built her daughter’s house should be held answerable for the mold that triggered Brittany and her husband’s illness. She is also suing her former lawyers for legal malpractice for convincing her to reach a settlement and filing a case against the builders through a stipulation.

A lot of people have speculated that Murphy’s death has something to do with an eating disorder instead of natural causes.

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