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Charlie Sheen Accidentally Posts Cellphone Number in his Twitter Account

Written on December 13, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Charlie Sheen Mistakenly Tweets His Digits, Instead of Sending it as a Private Message to the Bieb

Actor makes a mistake and tweets his cellphone number, instead of sending as a DM (Direct Message). Sheen was supposed to send his digits to Justin Bieber. Yes, you are reading it right. is friends with the Bieb.

Sheen was reported to be eating at Guy Savoy, a first class french restaurant in Las Vegas, when he sent the message to the teen sensation.

After his message has been posted for everyone to see, his many followers has then retweeted it and his number has been flooded with calls and text messages. The number has been disconnected and the tweet has already been deleted.

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