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Computer as Small as a Credit Card Coming Next Month

Written on December 29, 2011 by R. Depp

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The small and powerful computer is called Raspberry Pi and will cost just $25.

Next month, the Foundation will unveil the very affordable and one-of-a-kind computer called the . It is as small as a credit card and runs in Linux OS. The starting price for the computer is $25 and price increases depending on the size of the RAM. David Braden, head of the Foundation, said that its size and price does not affect its performance. The small computer is capable of supporting games like the Quake III Arena and plays a 1080p video.

At the moment we’re appealing to techy people because we want people to give their time for free, writing software and improving things, porting them from other places, and putting them into the public domain, essentially, so we can use them for education,” Branben said in an interview.

Only 10,000 units of Raspberyy Pi will be launched in United Kingdom next month. Other features of the Raspberry Pi are support for an SD card, HDMI and RCA outputs, 700MHz processor and 128MB or 256MB of RAM.

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