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Cyber Monday Out, Make Way for Sofa Sunday

Written on December 28, 2011 by R. Depp

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E-commerce is on hype this holiday season.

said that online shopping for the first 48 days of the Christmas season reached a staggering amount of $32 billion. This is 15 percent greater than last year.

, on the other hand, analyzed mobile trends and found out that online sales increased 16.4 percent from the holiday season of last year. said this trend took place since consumers continued shopping after shopping for Christmas presents.

Based on the reports, most mobile shopping transactions were made using an iOS device. In the statistics provided by IBM, iPad accounted for 7 percent traffic while iPhone reached 6.4 percent.

Another quirky name for a shopping holiday is also introduced by Joaquin Ruiz, the co-founder and CEO of Padopolis. He dubbed Christmas day as . He projected that the Sunday after Thanksgiving will cause traffic after people shopped on Black Friday and then stay curled on their couch come the following Sunday to recover.

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