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Facebook Launches New Timeline Feature

Written on December 16, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Facebook launches a major redesign, the new 'Timeline' feature which will soon replace the current user's profile view.

’s new Timeline feature is finally here. The new user interface that will soon start replacing the old user profile is now out of the beta period and available to 800 million users worldwide.

The new look that will soon replace the old profile page and wall, is one of Facebook’s biggest redesign in its and was first announced on September during the developer conference in San Francisco.
The Timeline which enables the users to be more creative, arranges all the events and activities in a chronological view, giving users more control on what they share and makes navigation easier and more interesting with its new layout.

Facebook users can now upgrade to the Timeline and once it’s enabled, users are given a week to edit and review the new layout before anyone else could see it.

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