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Siri, Your Personal TV Remote Control

Written on December 01, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Siri, Can Now Used as a Remote Control by Lazy Couch Potatoes

, 4S’ trusted personal assistant, can now be used to do numerous everyday tasks, thanks to , who have incorporated the device’s compatibility to different gadgets and found ways to make life easier. It can basically do anything you can imagine, well except for cooking.

Just when you think that Siri can just do amazing stuff like changing the temperature in your house and allowing car owners to utilize your car’s integration, a user: toddtreece, has taken laziness and ingenuity to a whole new level by taking command of his beloved television set.

With the help of the iPhone’s personal secretary, you can now change the channels and turn on and off the , using voice activation and . The best thing about it is you get to do those things, without lifting a finger and breaking a sweat.


Siri Universal Remote from toddtreece on Vimeo.

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