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Toyota Fun Vii, The Car of the Future

Written on December 05, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Toyota Fun Vii, Everything You Can Imagine in One Futuristic Car

The , was unveiled at the 2011 this week. This amazing concept car is a 13 foot long, three seater car. Its exterior and interior is a blank slate and can be wirelessly customized in any design you can imagine, in real time. The car can be set in an auto drive mode and has a holographic “navigation concierge”, in a form of a lady, which will guide you in case you’re confused on how to operate the car’s features. It can also guide you to your destination, so there’s a slim chance that you’ll get lost.

The car is networked to surrounding vehicles and infrastructures to detect road hazards and avoid crashes.  It can also access the internet and can be controlled by a smart phone.

It won’t be a surprise if , will also add a flight capability to the Fun Vii, on top of its many mind-boggling features. Let’s just wait and see!

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