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Yahoo! Awarded $610M in Judgment Case Against Spammers

Written on December 08, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Yahoo wins lawsuit against spammers responsible for fake lottery email scheme, gets awarded with $610M

! announced on Wednesday that it has been awarded $610 million in a judgment against spammers responsible for a scam that involved the company’s name.

The federal district court judge in New York handed down the order in favor of Yahoo!, resolves a filed in 2008, where the judge found the defendants liable as ‘participants in a conspiracy under New York common law’ and orders the defendants to pay Yahoo! Inc $27 million for trademark infringement and $583 in statutory damages for violation of the CAN- Act.

The lottery scheme involves spammers sending fake e-mails that involve Yahoo! Inc’s name to deceive unknowing internet users. These e-emails are designed to trick the recipients into revealing personal and financial information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

“Yahoo takes the protection of its users and its brand very seriously,” said Christian Dowell, Yahoo! Inc’s legal director of Global Protection. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that users continue to trust Yahoo as the leading U.S. e-mail provider.” He adds.

The defendants whom Yahoo! refused to identify, failed appear in court to respond to the complaint and are said to be Thai and Nigerian individuals residing in other countries.

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