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Zuckerberg Takes Vacation in Vietnam Where Facebook is Blocked

Written on December 29, 2011 by R. Depp

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The banned on Facebook in Vietnam is unofficial because of the fear will cause disagreement.

founder Mark Zuckerberg spent Christmas in Vietnam and some says it was an ironic choice of destination. U.K.’s Daily Mail published this headline: “Status update: Mark Zuckerberg goes for a buffalo ride with his girlfriend in Vietnam…where his site is banned.”

Vietnam, which is known as a communist country, unofficially and occasionally blocks contents from the social networking site because of the fear it might spread disagreement among people.

Amidst this ban, VietNamNet said that there are four million Facebook users in Vietname and the number is increasing every day. Staff from Topas Ecolodge, where Zuckerberg stayed while on vacation, said that guests and locals have Internet access at the hotel. This mean the Facebook mogul may have been able to post Christmas greetings to his friends and families.

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