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2 Year Old Boy, Turns in his Fugitive Father to the Police

Written on January 11, 2012 by Rudfer Tyron

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Kid's don't lie, 2 year old boy tells police that his father is hiding in the attic

Fugitive , 29 years old, was wanted for a parole violation on a battery charge. According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, the St. Petersburg police came to his house in St. Petersburg, Florida and was told by his wife , that he was not home and mentioned possible locations where her husband can be found. Luckily, their son, a 2 year old, innocently told the police that his father was hiding in the house’s attic. After her toddler son’s statement Merschen then admits that her husband is indeed at home.

The police then found the hiding Gjeloshi and handcuffed him. Gjeloshi was arrested for violation of probation charge and resisting an officer without violence. After lying to the authorities, his wife Megan, now faces an obstruction charge.

Too bad for Gjeloshi, he must know by now that kid’s don’t lie.

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