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Exclusive: Apple Discloses List of Suppliers

Written on January 15, 2012 by R. Depp

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Apple surprised everyone by revealing the names of all its suppliers for the first time.

made a move to recover from all the unflattering reports released about the company, which is to release the names of its more than 150 suppliers.

The step Apple took meant two things. First, it bordered the bad PR the company is experiencing due to the stories people know about, like the one in Foxconn. With the release of its suppliers, the press can follow up their own examinations about the cases.

This also means that the Cupertino-based company is exposing themselves to the press who keeps a keen eye for shipments of future like the iPad3.

The release of the list is part of Apple’s Supplier Responsibility progress report for 2012. It indicated an 80% increase as shown from the company’s 229 audits throughout its supply chain in 2011.

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