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Facebook Cited as one of the Reasons of UK Divorces, Based on a Study

Written on January 04, 2012 by Rudfer Tyron

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Problems brought by Facebook make up 33% of Divorce Petitions in UK

is the ultimate social networking site where people get together, create friendships, strengthen family bonds or even find love, but based on a study conducted by -Online, it also one of the leading reasons that cause marital problems that lead to filings in UK.

Based on the study, couples have revealed that Facebook make up one third of the reason of divorce petitions. Issues such as sending inappropriate messages to the opposite sex, publicly writing nasty comments about a spouse or Facebook friends continually reporting a spouse’s offensive behavior, have caused marriages to fall apart.

A Divorce-Online spokesperson said in a statement:

“Social networking has become the primary tool for communication and is taking over from text and e-mail in my opinion. If someone wants to have an affair or flirt with the opposite sex then it is the easiest place to do it. Also the use of Facebook to make comments about ex partners to friends has become extremely common with both sides using Facebook to vent their grievances against each other. People need to be careful what they write on their walls as the courts are seeing these posts being used in financial disputes and children cases as evidence.”

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