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Flocks of Blackbirds Perish During New Year’s Eve

Written on January 03, 2012 by Rudfer Tyron

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Fireworks, once more caused the death of an estimate of 100 blackbirds during New Year's Eve

An estimate of 100 blackbirds have died during this year’s New Year’s Eve. This is far less than the thousands that have died a year ago.

Police Lt. Brian Duke from , Police Station said that they have talked to the local residents to refrain from setting off to prevent spooking the blackbirds.

Last year, thousands of migrating blackbirds in have perished. They flew into each other, homes, cars and telephone poles. It has been discovered that the main cause of their death are fireworks.

The Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission have gathered evidence that this year, someone has targeted the poor blackbirds and again fireworks are to blame.

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