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Wikipedia Concludes Fundraiser and Reaches $20M

Written on January 03, 2012 by Chris Martin

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Wikipedia successfully ended its annual fundraiser with a record-breaking $20M, surpassing its $16M goal.

The , the non-profit organization behind the and other related sites has just concluded its annual campaign after it reached a record breaking $20M that surpasses its $16M goal.

The conclusion of the campaign also marks the end of its quirky fundraising banners which are now replaced by a ‘thank you’ banner. This banner is linked to a letter coming from Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director , thanking its donors for their generous contributions and for making Wikipedia the ‘#5 most-popular site in the world’.

The entire proceeds will be used to buy hardware, develop new features, expand its mobile services, provide legal defense for the Wikimedia projects and support for its worldwide.

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