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Angry Birds now on Facebook

Written on February 16, 2012 by R. Depp

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The world-famous mobile app game phenomenon, Angry Birds, is finally coming to Facebook, the world's biggest social networking site.

After entertaining countless of players on their mobile devices, an Angry Birds app for Facebook has finally arrived. And it brings along plenty of extras to the game that promises to get millions of Facebook users hooked.

“With the great success of the Angry Birds game on smartphone platforms, Rovio intends to reach more fans and be in every screen and every platform. Therefore, the company developed Angry Birds on Facebook to reach more than 800 million Facebook users worldwide,” Rovio Asia senior vice president Henri Holm announced.

The Facebook version of the strategy game will feature four new power-ups. The Sling Scope gives players increased accuracy for their next shot. King Sling upgrade makes your slingshot more powerful, so you can catapult birds to your target higher and faster. The Super Seeds power-up increases the size of the bird, making them more powerful. Then there’s the Birdquake, an earth-shaking, structure-ruffling bonus to further tilt the odds against the target pigs.

Perhaps most importantly, the Facebook version of the game brings along an element not found in its previous versions: live competition. The app will allow players to compare and challenge their Facebook friends’ high scores. Players who get the top scores for each level will receive gold, silver, or bronze crown – and bragging rights right on their Facebook pages.

Angry Birds was originally created for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Since then, the game has been ported to other devices and platforms as well, with hundreds of millions of downloads — and counting. It was the world’s most downloaded mobile app in 2011.

Angry Birds has spawned countless game-related paraphernalia, from stuffed toys, t-shirts, cellphone covers and even its very own board game.

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