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New Facebook App Bday Gift Finder Revealed

Written on February 02, 2012 by R. Depp

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Do you find it hard to look for a birthday present? Let this new Facebook app help you.

The company Bday recently unveiled a app called Bday Gift Finder which scans your friend’s profiles for hints for gift suggestions. Bday was funded $2 million dollar for this project.

The concept behind the Bday Gift Finder is simple. After you hooked up the app to your profile, it simply examines the pages liked by your friend. You can click on a friend’s profile to check the retailers where you can likely buy the gist. You can also directly buy the presents from Bday Gift Finder but it comes in the form of gift cards.

The long term goal of Bday is to partner with retailers. Evetually, the site will take percentage in every transaction made through Facebook. For now, the app is just driving the users to the retailers to urge them to shop for presents.

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