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Path apologizes for mistake, erases info gathered from users

Written on February 12, 2012 by R. Depp

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Path CEO Dave Morin has issued a public apology over its app’s privacy gaffe. The company has worked on a fix, and also declared that they have deleted all the data they acquired without authorization.

Moving to pacify ’s outraged users, company CEO quickly issued an apology in a blog post last Wednesday.

“We are deeply sorry if you were uncomfortable with how our application used your phone contacts,” Morin stated in the post titled “We are sorry.”

And just as important, Morin further announced that they have deleted all the data that their app gathered from its users’ contact list, which included full names and e-mail addresses.

The social networking app recently came under fire from its users when it was discovered that Path was copying the contents its users’ address book to the company’s servers without the users’ consent. Twitter and blog posts, along with negative reviews on

Apple’s App Store, all voiced displeasure towards the privacy violation.

“Through the feedback we’ve received from all of you, we now understand that the way we had designed our ‘Add Friends’ feature was wrong,” Mori said. He added that from now on, uploading of address book data would be optional for its users. The company has already updated its app in the Apple Store.

Developer Arun Thampi first revealed the issue to the public in a blog post. In response, Morin explained that the data was used only to help users connect more easily to their family and friends.

While many were aghast at the violation of their privacy, not all response was to the issue was hostile. Some users even praised the company for its speedy response.

Path allows users to keep a journal, which they could then share with their contacts in the app. Launched in 2010, Path is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

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