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Samsung and Corning Joins Forces for a Special Venture

Written on February 06, 2012 by R. Depp

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The two companies collaborated to fuse ‘Lotus Glass’ with OLED displays.

Samsung and Corning recently announced their partnership for a new project which is the integration of the Gorilla Glass to OLED displays. The joint venture will combine Corning’s prized product, the Lotus Glass Substrate and Samsung’s technology. However, this project will be based in South Korea. The outcome of this project will be used in different Samsung products like smartphones and televisions.

”Corning and Samsung have a long and successful partnership in the display industry, dating back nearly 40 years to the early days of television,” Corning chairman, President and CEO Wendell P. Weeks said.

“The strength of our business relationship is built on Corning’s ability to develop and make high-technology glass with the key attributes that enable Samsung’s next-generation displays,” he added.

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