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Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Buys The New Republic

Written on March 09, 2012 by Chris Martin

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Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes buys The New Republic, will focus on distributing it through tablet computers.

Washington-based progressive political magazine, has a new owner and it’s none other than Facebook co-founder, .

The 28-year-old Hughes, who has earlier expressed his interest in the nearly century-old journal, has bought a majority stake and is now the publisher, editor-in-chief and new owner of the said magazine.

On Friday, Hughes wrote a letter to the TNR reader which was published on the magazine’s website.

“In the next era of The New Republic, we will aggressively adapt to the newest information technologies without sacrificing our commitment to serious journalism. We will look to tell the most important stories in politics and the arts and provide the type of rigorous analysis that The New Republic has been known for. We will ask pressing questions of our leaders, share groundbreaking new ideas, and shed new light on the state of politics and culture”. Hughes wrote.

Hughes also stated that as the ‘new editor-in-chief’, his focus would be on distributing the magazine through ‘tablet computers, such as the iPad’.

Richard Just, who will retain his position as TNR’s Editor, also wrote a letter expressing his optimism about the journal’s future in the hands of its new owner.

“For all of us at TNR—and, really, for anyone who believes in the enduring value of intellectual magazine journalism—this is a wonderful day. My colleagues and I can’t wait to work with Chris to bring the vision of magazine journalism we all share to more and more readers, and to continue the process of figuring out how this kind of journalism can thrive in the age of the Internet and the iPad.” He stated.

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