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New Knicks Coach May Put An End to Linsanity Craze

Written on March 18, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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New York Knicks New Coach Mike Woodson, prefers veteran players to rookies, may put an to end "Linsanity"

Rookie basketball player, ’s luck may change with New York Knick’s new coach, . After proving himself with his impressive basketballs skills, leading his team with a series of 7 straight wins, ’s fate may change soon. It turns out that his new coach, Woodson prefers veteran players over rookies.

He was quoted saying:
“It’s everybody’s ballclub. But I want everyone to know that when it comes [crunch] time and I got to get a big shot, I’m going to Melo and Amar’e and guys who have done it. A lot of these guys are young and still trying to figure it out. Those guys have been around the block a number of times and have done it. They’ll be go-to guys coming down the stretch.”

“I remember playing for a great coach in Red Holzman. He taught me rookies were to sit, listen and learn. He taught me a valuable lesson way back when. I listened and learned a lot as a rookie.’’

Let’s wait and see how Woodson’s coaching affects Jeremy Lin’s stand in the team.

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