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‘Angry Birds Space’ Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Written on April 30, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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'Angry Birds Space'hits 50 million downloads in just 35 days.

The latest Angry Birds game installation, ‘’ is now the “fastest growing mobile game”. According to , it has broken the records for being the most downloaded mobile game in a short period of time. It has taken the spot over OMGPOP’s Draw Something and has garnered 50 million downloads in just 35 days.

In Rovio’s official blog they wrote:

“There’s only one conclusion to draw: something even bigger is on its way! Stay tuned and keep flinging those Birds!”

Rovio has recently released “Fry Me to the Moon”, a free new episode for Angry Birds Space, that introduces 10 new levels and rewards iOS users by giving away free space eagles, daily.

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