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AT&T Promises to Expand Its 4G LTE Network

Written on April 20, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Telecom Giant AT&T is serious about expanding its 4G LTE network, all through out US

announces its plans for all over USA. The telecom giant adds the following states to their list: Akron and Canton, and Lafayette, .

The network also plans to bring its 4G LTE network to 12 Key Cities by summer. The list includes: Cleveland, Ohio; Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; Naples, Florida; St. Louis, Missouri; and Staten Island, New York.

The 4G LTE network will be 10 times faster compared to their 3G network, which most of the AT&T subscribers still use as of now.

The New iPad supports 4G LTE. The rumored “iPhone 5″ is also expected to support the same network.

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