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Elvis Presley’s Crpyt, Set to be Auctioned

Written on May 30, 2012 by Lulu

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Elvis Presley's temporary crypt at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis wil be auctioned.

Die hard fans of will have the chance to purchase his crypt and other memorabilias from rock music and sports stars, this June.

The first crypt Presley was laid at before being moved to the Graceland mansion will be auctioned off. Other items from music icons and sports stars like Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards and the late singer Amy Winehouse to basketball superstar Michael Jordan will be also sold.

The King’s temporary crypt is located at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee. The upcoming will include the lot itself, opening and closing of the vault for burial, memorial inscription and use of a small chapel for a memorial service.

Julien’s Auctions Sports Legends and Music Icons sale will take place on June 23 and 24.

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