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Israeli Man Divorces Wife After She Refuses tO Get Rid of her Legions of Cats

Written on May 25, 2012 by Lulu

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The wife has over 550 cats as her pets in their house and her husband can't take it anymore.

An Israeli couple is divorcing over Cats, Yes you heard it right, your regular feline pets. The couple live in a regular house in southern Israel and around 550 cats are crowding their home.

The husband says in his divorce petition that hundreds of cats, his wife’s pets,  surrounded every inch of their home. Cats are everywhere, blocking his way to the bathroom, swarming their kitchen and attacking his food at the table during mealtimes.

They tried to work it out, at the orders of the rabbinical court, but they still parted ways, after the wife still chose her cats over her husband.

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